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Honey Bees


Collaboration can be defined as the act of individuals or groups working together to achieve a common goal. Collaboration has many benefits, including the sharing of knowledge, and skills, increased creativity, and the ability to tackle complex problems that may have otherwise been beyond the capacity of an individual, or company. Collaboration is the primary driver of innovation and progress in many fields.

We firmly believe that harnessing the problem-solving power of collaborative effort will be a key lever for the long-term sustainability of our industry. 

We are both proud and humbled to work closely with the following like-minded people and companies to bring meaningful progress and innovation to the space of honeybee supplemental feeding and nutrition.  


Ian Steppler

Ian Steppler, who is married to Sandy and has five children, has dedicated his life to beekeeping since buying his first four hives 23 years ago. We cannot overemphasize our appreciation for Ian's unwavering dedication to the cause of apiculture. He has been a rare breed of collaborator for Apis Biologix, supporting our work through ongoing field trials and his platform. We are truly grateful for his continued support and efforts.

Ian and Sandy Steppler

Global Patties

Global Patties Logo

Global Patties is a family owned and operated wholesaler of protein patties for Honey Bees.  We have been in operation since 2002, All Global Patties contain scientifically formulated vitamins, minerals and fats specifically selected, balanced and tested for optimal bee nutrition. We proudly serve all of Canada and the United States from our warehouses in Airdrie, Alberta and Butte, Montana.


Strong Microbials Logo

Strong Microbials is an independent manufacturer of microbial products for agriculture. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Strong Microbials was founded in 2012 to translate academic expertise into applied probiotic solutions for improved food production systems.

Mann Lake

Mann Lake logo

Mann Lake Bee Supply is the leader in quality manufacturing, innovation, and customer service in the beekeeping industry. Whether you are just starting out in the world of beekeeping or run a full-scale, commercial beekeeping business, we have all of the top-of-the-line products and services you require. Mann Lake is at the forefront of the ever-changing beekeeping industry. Throughout the challenges that have arisen, Mann Lake has met them head-on to ensure the survival of the honey bee for all. Regardless of the number of hives you keep, we at Mann Lake have the same goal in mind as you... to keep this natural pollinator flourishing.

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