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We'd love to hear how our products are helping you on your journey to reduce chemical exposures for you, and your family. Please share your story!


Hampton, NB

I’m amazed at these products! I had extremely dry lips and a crack on the bottom lip that nothing would heal. Within 2 days of using the lip balm the crack was completely gone and hasn’t come back. The lip balm feels great, no waxy feeling or build up.The shaving cream is heavenly!! It really does take just a little and it leaves your skin so soft and smooth. It feels amazing!The hand repair works wonders! I had extremely dry patches of skin on my arms. Nothing worked until I tried the hand repair. Weeks later and they still haven’t come back. Works so well I bought one for my mom to try!!Thanks for such great products!! I will definitely buy again and I love that it’s local.


St. George NB

Ireally liked your hand repair ,my hands were cracked and dry and within a few days they were back to normal ,It is nice to see products with no chemicals Thanks well worth the money


Saint John NB

Have tried most of these products. Absolutely love the whipped shaving cream, leaves the area feeling very smooth only need to use very small amounts ! The whip body butter smells amazing and after my hands being extremely dry from using hand sanitizer at work made them feel smooth and soft , the lip balm Keeps my lips so soft and I also purchased the hand repair , there are healing properties that healed a rash on my dog and I used for my feet and helped with cracks and making them so smooth . Love that these products are all natural with no harsh chemicals. Will definitely be ordering more

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