For the worked, the weathered and the worn.  All natural, all the time, our hand repair is packed full of natures finest skin healing ingredients. 100% natural Ingredients - free from parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and Sulphates.


  • Replenishes Hydration lost from hand sanitizers
  • Primary indication – Dry or cracked hands, feet, elbows, nicks, scrapes, cuts or otherwise irritated skin
  • Formulated with Bees wax, Grape seed oil, Lanolin, zinc and vitamin E to provide fast and lasting relief from most types of skin irritation(s)
  • One jar is up to a full year’s supply!  


Coconut Caramel Honey Hand Repair

    • Cera Alba (Bees Wax) - Beeswax offers light-weight consistency and forms a delicate protecting barrier on the skin, that is especially beneficial to dry, damaged and irritated skin types.
    • Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil - Grape seed oil has high levels of polyphenols and tocopherols and an exceptionally strong antioxidant, cell membrane-protective effect. It absorbs very well and promotes the absorption of moisture into the skin, particularly for fat-soluble vitamins. The high content of linoleic acid counteracts keratinization. Even mature skin benefits from the special properties of this oil.
    • Adeps Lanae (Lanolin) - Lanolin is highly effective in moisturizing, softening and healing cracks in dry, scaly skin. It offers the ideal relief for injured skin or skin affected by atopic dermatitis or psoriasis as it counteracts inflammation and promotes skin regeneration. It can penetrate very deeply into the skin and hold onto critical moisture.
    • Zinc Oxide - A number of experimental studies and clinical trials have been conducted using zinc. Results showed that topical zinc oxide had increased wound healing, increased reepithelialisation, decreased rates of infection and decreased rates of deterioration of skin ulcers (wound patience). Topical zinc oxide has shown to improve the rate of wound healing in patients, regardless of their zinc status.
    • (High Concentration) Tocopherol, Vitamin E - Contains powerful antioxidants and protects skin cells from damage. It affects cell renewal, has anti-inflammatory properties that improves skin texture, lips become much smoother when this ingredient is added at ‘high enough’ concentration.